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Importance of Keeping Your Air Conditioner Filters Clean

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Just like the human body, vehicle, home, or anything else that needs maintenance, your home air conditioning system also benefits from regular and proactive maintenance. A very effective and simple way in maintaining the condition of your air conditioning unit and to let it give the maximum cooling output is by having its filters cleaned and checked in a regular manner. Cleaning your air conditioning unit regularly is actually considered the perfect time to have your air conditioning unit filters checked for certain damages in order to make sure that your air conditioning system will be able to maintain its optimum functioning efficiency.

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Making sure that the filters of your air conditioning unit are clean also helps in reducing pressure on your unit. Following these simple steps can help your air conditioning unit run at its maximum efficiency, as well as not wasting energy since a dirty filter can force the air conditioning unit to work even harder. This will in turn push up running costs and the worst its, increasing your electricity bill. Keeping the filters of your air conditioner clean is also a very important factor in maintaining your entire air conditioning unit. Most of the time, your air conditioning unit will also give certain signs if there are any malfunction in its system such as dirty filters.

If you weren’t able to have your entire air conditioning system serviced for quite a while now or maybe you still feel like you’re not getting too much coolness from your air conditioning unit, it is best that you ask help from professionals right away. In addition, if you feel like you need an addition air conditioning unit installed in your home or if you need to replace one, it is also important that you only hire the professional and highly experienced air conditioning installation service such as clearwater carrier ac installation in order to make sure that the installation job will be done right the first time.

Why Does Your Air Conditioning Unit Need a Filter?

Your unit’s filter protects the system itself. Dust and dirt from your home can get drawn into your air conditioning unit through its return ductwork. With the absence of filter, this dust would build up on the coil and the fan, reducing the efficiency and effectiveness of your air conditioning system, eventually causing failure.

The filter protects the furnace itself. Dust from your home gets drawn into the unit through the return ductwork. Without a filter, this dust would build up on the fan, heat exchanger and coil, reducing efficiency and eventually causing failure.

Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Air Conditioner Filter clean

  • Free Airflow – poorly maintained air conditioner filters prevent air from passing. This gradually reduces the cooling amount your air conditioning unit can be able to do. One major issue that can cause your evaporator coil to freeze is if the airflow is too low and it can cause your air conditioning unit to fail eventually.
  • Efficiency  – Since your fan needs to work much harder in order to pull the air through the dirty coil, the efficiency of your air conditioning system drops off as you unit consumes too much electricity. A clean air conditioning filter, which allows proper air flow will be the one to keep your bills and consumption down.
  • Clean Air Overall – If your air conditioning unit’s filter is choked up with dirt and dust and the air is not flowing freely, dirt and dust can potentially settle in other areas of your duct work as well as your home, providing breeding grounds for dust mites, allergens, mold, and even sickness causing bacteria.

It is true that an air conditioning unit’s filter is easy to clean, however, there are also other aspects that professional air conditioner specialists will inspect when they service your air conditioning units. Since most of the professional air conditioning installation service are highly trained, experienced and qualified in servicing any type of air conditioning system, they will definitely be able to address all your air conditioning related needs such as refrigerant levels or pressure, testing for electrical problems, as well as sealing of threaded fittings.

That is the reasons why even do your check the filter of your air conditioning unit yourself, you still need to make sure that your air conditioning system is checked professionally. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your air conditioning unit is also important to prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for sickness causing bacteria and germs.

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Top Benefits of Using a Window Type Air Conditioning Unit

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With summer season fast approaching, you may already be looking for more ways on how to beat the summer heat without making your electricity bills skyrocket. Nowadays, more people have decided to install a central air conditioning unit in their home. However, that is not always the cheapest option. This is the reason why we wanted to educate you with the other types of air conditioning unit available in the market that is usually overlooked – the window type air conditioning units.

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Window type air conditioning units are not only the most affordable cooling unit option, but they are also very efficient in terms of the amount of energy consumption. These air conditioning systems fit directly the window in your home, and area also readily available in different sizes, brands and kinds to accommodate all rooms of different sizes.

With a lot of air conditioning unit options available on the market today, you might be wondering now why you should consider buying a window type air conditioner. In order to help you decide what certain type of an air conditioning unit would best match your needs and preferences; we have gathered a list of advantages that you can be able to get should you decide to buy a window type air conditioning unit.

Affordable Cost

The first key benefit that a window type air conditioning unit can give you is their affordable and low cost. They are not fairly affordable to buy, but they also affordable to run on a monthly basis. To help you figure out how much would a window type air conditioning unit would really going to cost you, what you need to do first is to figure out your room’s square footage as well as the BTU needed for the size of that space. The bigger the area you want to cool, the more BTUs you will be able to need in order to cool that space efficiently. Following that, the higher BTU capacity a window type air conditioning unit has, the more costly it tends to be. You can check for a BTU calculator online in order to help you find out what certain BTU capacity you are going to need.

Apart from the BTU capacity of your air conditioning unit, you should also decide on what particular brand you should go with, and even the features you think that are the most important to you and matches your interest. Both of these factors should also be considered as it can also play a big role in the overall cost of your window air conditioning unit.


There are lots of air conditioning system manufacturers out there that you can choose from, with some being way better than the others. In order to give you a spot to start as well as to help you narrow down your search, you can search online for the best brands that have been in the business for many years and consistently receiving positive reviews. You can even look for reviews, testimonials and feedback online to make sure that you are getting the best window air conditioning unit.


There are a lot of features that are available for all window type air conditioning units. Some might probably seem frivolous, but others are possible going to be essential for you as well. While window type air conditioning units can give you a lot of benefits, it can still be able to give you relatively low cost compared to other kinds of air conditioning units available in the market.

Extremely Energy Efficient

In our opinion, window type air conditioning units are the most energy efficient cooling unit. If you want to stay cool without wanting to spend too much money, then you can go for a window type air conditioning unit as it can be the perfect cooling system that can match your needs and cooling preferences without going over your desired budget.

A wide majority of air conditioning units that are window type actually have a great EER or energy efficiency ratio that gives you a much better understanding about how they can cool than how much energy they need to run. In order to completely maximize your energy bill savings, you can also look for a window type air conditioning unit that has higher EER rating.

Having read all the benefits that window type air conditioning units can give, you may now want to install a window air con in your home. If this is the case, it is highly recommended that you only seek the service of a professional clearwater carrier ac installation service.

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